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Re: Brian Noble Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:42 am  

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Nobby's forte is man management as opposed to innovative coaching. I suspect with Argyll buying shares in Melbourne Storm would pave the way for one of Storms successful management team to be shoe horned into the Wolfpack management!
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Re: Brian Noble Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:45 pm  

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Frank Whitcombe wrote:
Can't really believe what I'm reading on this thread, Nobby or should we call him Saint Nobby would be a brilliant CEO - sponsors would follow, and our media profile would rocket and if ever there was a Bradfordian we could all get behind to lead the club back to Bradford, then surely its him!

If there's even the merest whiff of this being possible, because he's not looking for a big paying job we should thank our lucky stars.

P.S Tenders going out on the quiet to refurbish parts of Odsal such as toilets etc.
I hear nobby's is a dab hand with a paint brush
click on this link to give support for the stadium application

https://planning.wakefield.gov.uk/onlin ... 7D2QQJOS00

the club needs you
Re: Brian Noble Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:52 pm  

Rarebreed wrote:
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paulwalker71 wrote:
The lack of knowledge from the owners and investors at Toronto was clearly the reason that Brian Noble was employed. Do you really think that David Argyll had a clue who most of the Toronto squad were before they were signed?

Anyway, you've already said - Brian Noble is your mate. You're hardly likely to give an unbiased opinion! I've got my opinion, and clearly you have yours. Let's leave it there eh?

Of course my thoughts are based on an emotional stance. However I sincereley believe castigating any one by name is not what RAB is about, unless the facts are correct.

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