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Coaching team Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:52 pm  

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Seen lots of criticism of certain players and the team in general but not much re the coaching team, and while I agree with a lot of the comments I believe the ultimate responsibility falls on the coaches.
Defending.....everybody is aware we give easy ground to the other team and quite happy to let bigger more powerful players get into their stride.....I can only imagine we are coached to hold the line and let them come at us as its done as a collective and all season....we have a defensive coach (Poching still?) Woolford should be kicking his backside to get them on the opposition quickly stop them early.
Attack.....where are our attacking ideas? We've seen none of the type of rugby played the second half of last season....Friday was typical, plenty tackles within 10 mtrs their line in the first half and our only option was to try barge over by the posts made it easy for Leeds.
We had 2 weeks to come up with a game plan to virtually make us safe and we looked like we didnt practice anything.
If Woolford is doing everything possible during the week and all these things are in place but players aren't following them he obviously has a communication problem.
If they are playing to instructions...he's not up to it.......either way he needs to sort it immediately.
So, was what we saw last year down to Thorman not Woolford? Did we drop off in the play offs about the time Thorman left?

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