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Prem Predictions Rd2/CLRd1 Match1 - Results Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:14 pm  

User avatarPaddy Evra wrote:
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Round 2 results:

10 - gulfcoast_highwayman, DAR130 - Tipsters of the Week
9 - Danny 2, Saint_Quinny
8 - priest, 74'
7 - saintyick, Thetalentboy, Knaresborough Rhino II, Wanderer
6 - Lawro, Fresh Prince of Chesh-air, hamiltonsaint, tad rhino, saint billy, WireFanatic III, Paddy Evra, **Clurr**, ash4hullfc
5 - airliebird9, the artist, Wigan/Leeds Andy, Lawrie L, oli30045, Salford red all over
4 - Sthelens RLFC
3 - ulleskef rhino, tommy, PAUL M, Lord_Percy, The Black Cat, king of the shed
2 - Gavin Miller - Legend, DEANO H

August table:

17 - gulfcoast_highwayman
16 - DAR130, Knaresborough Rhino II
13 - Saint_Quinny, Thetalentboy
12 - Danny 2, hamiltonsaint, WireFanatic III
11 - Lawro, airliebird9, the artist, king of the shed, Wanderer
10 - Fresh Prince of Chesh-air, priest, saintyick, Paddy Evra, PAUL M
9 - saint billy, oli30045
8 - tad rhino, Wigan/Leeds Andy, Gavin Miller - Legend, **Clurr**, 74'
7 - Sthelens RLFC, ulleskelf rhino, Lawrie L, DEANO H
6 - tommy, Lord_Percy, The Black Cat, Salford red all over, ash4hullfc

CLRd1, Matchday 1 results:

Group A:

DAR130 v gulfcoast_highwayman 10-10
priest v Danny 2 8-9

Group B:

saint billy v Fresh Prince of Chesh-air 6-6
oli30045 v **Clurr** 5-6

Group C:

hamiltonsaint v Thetalentboy 6-7
ulleskelf rhino v tommy 3-3

Group D:

Salford red all over v saintyick 5-7
PAUL M v tad rhino 3-6

Group E:

Saint_Quinny v airliebird9 9-5
Lord_Percy v Knaresborough Rhino II 3-7

Group F:

Sthelens RLFC v Wanderer 3-7
The Black Cat v WireFanatic III 3-6

Group G:

king of the shed v Paddy Evra 3-6
DEANO H v the artist 2-5

Group H:

Gavin Miller - Legend v Lawrie L 2-5
Wigan/Leeds Andy v ash4hullfc 5-6

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PAUL M wrote:

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Ta mate.
Twitter - @MaddyHFC

User avatarDanny 2 wrote:
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ta mate
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Wow! Two good weeks in a row!

And what a match twixt myself and DAR130!
Leeds Rhinos? 8 for you, Leeds Rhinos! You go, Leeds Rhinos.

And none for Castleford Tigers. Bye!

User avatarsaintyick wrote:
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Cheers Pal :thumb:

User avataroli30045 wrote:
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Agonising 5-6 loss in matchday 1, but I can definitely improve :wink:

Thanks Paddy :)
JWP wrote:
Smith> Jesus

boz the warrior wrote:
lee briers is a nice person whoooo luck at lee forming a scrum the wire bum banger

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