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Re: Easy game really Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:11 pm  

User avatarPopTart wrote:
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You've used up your last emo chance guys.
I've told you to leave it out.
Don't cry to me when you lost your posting rights.
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Re: Easy game really Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:09 am  
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Fishermanscap wrote:
They say RL is a simple game made difficult and I think Sunday showed that.

There were three tries that showed this perfectly and it was the difference between success and failure in my eyes.

First try - BJB off Lyne. Lyne takes the ball, runs it in with good leg speed, spins in the tackle breaks free, draws the defender, simple pass to the winger who goes in easily to score a wonderfully put together try. No bouncing about, no running aimlessly into the middle, no risky kick throughs, just a great wingers try created by his centre partner.

Second try (my fave) - Millier takes the ball on 5th, puts in a well-weighted kick, but crucially he and the rest of his teammates follow it up, fittingly Miller gets there first. How often this season have we not executed a worthwhile end to a set let alone score from it? Most I'd say.

Hampshire - It's two tries actually, one could have been construed on a bad day as a ball strip, it wasn't but it could have been. The second looked for all the world like he knocked on but it wasn't. Both tries came from opportunism from broken play which is good but what I really liked was that Hampshire didn't blink, he just went for it in both cases remaining concentrated on the job in hand, again how often this season have we blown these kinds of chances.

Yeah, it's not just as simple as that I know but it shows that if you do the basics right then you will get your reward. All the tries were typical RL tries, the sort that should be second nature to a pro. There was nothing fancy in any of them, conditioning didn't play a part, they were not especially part of a game plan, they were all standard stuff, no skills beyond the average for any SL player (in the right position) were required. Just good old fashioned RL, its all you really need along with the commitment to carry it out, anything else just overcomplicates and I swear that's been half the problem.

Good stuff, keep it up.

How do you know vastman you openly said you weren't there!
Re: Easy game really Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:37 am  
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newgroundb4cas wrote:
How do you know vastman you openly said you weren't there!

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, we have Trinity TV available. :roll:
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Re: Easy game really Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:52 am  

User avatarhomme vaste wrote:
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Big lads mate wrote:
It’s when players have nowt between the lug holes when it becomes hard. Like most sports, some make the easiest game look so hard.

Yeah, a bit of smarts goes a long way in this game and also I guess the ability to remain smart and make the right decisions whilst under pressure, which we seemed to do very well against KR and they were pretty much the opposite in that aspect.

People often put the so called game management down to the halves, and that is true a large percentage of it is with the organising of plays, kicking for field position, knowing when its the right time to put the ball out of play... The list goes on but what people do not often mention is there is also another 11 players on that field that are making a decision every time they touch the ball and all successful teams seem to have an great deal of understanding of one and another from 1-13, not just the spine. Being smart is not everything, but it definitely goes a long way and is often the difference between teams of similar ability.
Re: Easy game really Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:01 pm  

Big lads mate Silver RLFANS Member
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There’s also senior SL players that prefer certain players around them to talk to them, direct them and so on and not just halfs.

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