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Taken from total rl site
Super League clubs could hit serious financial trouble before the start of next season if a plan to sell season tickets is not formulated, according to Wakefield chief executive Michael Carter, who believes the Government must put its trust in the sport to safely allow fans back into venues.

With further uncertainty about when supporters could return to live events after planned pilots for this week were halted by the Government, there is now a real possibility that no fans will watch Rugby League live until 2021.

And Carter, who insists Wakefield are well-prepared to make it through 2020, told League Express he worries how clubs will cope if they cannot promise a full season ticket to supporters for 2021, thus making them harder to sell and causing further income issues.

When asked how soon he felt it would be before clubs encountered serious financial implications, Carter said: “I think without further interventions, it could be before the start of the season.

“For a lot of clubs, season ticket money over the off-season is a massive thing. With the interventions we’ve had this year, there’s probably a way of getting over the line in 2020.

“But that money will run out pretty quickly and it’s not looking great for fans, so we’ve got to find a way where even for just 5,000 fans to get in to the bigger grounds. The government are going to have to trust us.”

On Wakefield’s own financial situation, Carter said: “The big thing for me is that this year, I’d never planned on crowds; we were hopeful but weren’t banking on crowds.

“The big thing on the horizon is how do I sell a season ticket? There’s no firm date of when anyone is going to use that ticket and, while I’m completely thankful that our hardcore fans donated their unused season-ticket money back, I wouldn’t expect them to do it next year – that’s the real big challenge.”

Carter has suggested Super League could introduce a competition-wide approach to sell season tickets to fans as one possible solution.

He said: “The thought is that we’ve got a World Cup at the end of next year, so we’re looking at a challenging calendar.

“You can reduce games, but you then reduce season ticket money, and it’s a difficult circle to square up. There’s lots of different factors at play. Could clubs do something together to make it work? Perhaps, but we need to think about how we survive this.”

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If were not allowed just to get on with our lives and a accept this virus is here to stay, a streaming season ticket/match day ticketis the way to go, but the technology/production has to be much better.
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Khlav Kalash wrote:
If were not allowed just to get on with our lives and a accept this virus is here to stay, a streaming season ticket/match day ticketis the way to go, but the technology/production has to be much better.

The money they would need to invest to ensure the production is better, would be much much higher than the revenue they receive.
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Just a depressing state of affairs all round. At least in football there is a chance however small the top PL clubs can help out.
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Know I am in a better position than a lot. Not rich but can get by and retired. I have watched this club for 60+years and if the season tickets went on sale I know I may not see a game live. I would buy one just to try and keep this great club going . If say a 1000 fans thought the same, that could be 200,000+ pounds that could go towards helping them out!

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So would i

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Did anyone use trinity tv for anything live? If so how did it go? Suppose we need a model like ifollow. Mrs watched a game at the weekend and was ok.

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With all due respect to Michael Carter isn't it time he and other heads of clubs, sports, industries called out this fakery from the powers that be. At least do some research Mr Carter, it's all there on the covid thread amongst other places if you have not already looked.

With a so called “second wave” heading our way (surprise, surprise) it's quite obvious the planned economic re-set (and vaccines) they have in store for us is not quite ready hence the spinning out of the whole sorry saga.
I'm sorry, but it looks like society, let alone Trinity, is heading down the pan for what???

Rather than fiddling about with various schemes to hold off the inevitable we should be looking at the big picture. Check everything the powers that be do and call them out at every opportunity, hold them to account and lets get back to normal, not this fake “new normal” A term dreamed up by the corporations right at the very beginning. How did they know?
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Oh dear!

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Pop tart please please ban Miro from this site. He obviously has no interest in Trinity. There are other sites that David Icke lovers can peddle their bizzare conspiracy theories on without spoiling every sensible thread on here .
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