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Supporting a development-area club....

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:56 pm
by Wembley71
Please support our Development Area club

Exeter Centurions were formed in 2007, and have competed in the South West RL every summer since that time.

As the RFL has lost its funding from Sport England, the game in the south west is now without any central financial backing whatsoever. Added to that, insurance and pitch hire costs have escalated dramatically. The running costs of the club are over £1500 per year. The local players and volunteers contribute towards the cost of running the club, but we really need external support to keep the game alive in Devon's capital city.

We don't expect something for nothing - whether it be shirt or programme sponsorship for your business, or buying replica shirts and merchandise as a supporter, we are happy to credit our sponsors and provide suitable rewards.

I know all clubs are strapped for cash, but the one thing we don’t have in the South West is a past generation of former players willing and able to help their old clubs with time, money or sponsorship. That’s why we’re coming to you, the wider RL community, to ask for help. If you can donate the cost of a pint, we’ll be able to keep our pioneering club alive and well.

I know it’s early days, but we’ve already had two ex-Centurions play professional games with Featherstone Rovers and Oxford RL. Who knows – the next Louis McCarthy Scaresbrook, Tony Clubb or Dan Sarginson might be about to begin their RL careers in Exeter….

Thanks in advance for your kind support!