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Re: Johno and Kaye toleave the club Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:16 pm  

fax_insider wrote:
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Greg Florimos Boots wrote:
Out of the 3 halfbacks we are after you can imagine we will only be after getting 1 of the deals over the line and you would think one is depending on how much Leigh want to spend. If Kaye has re-signed then the Newcastle player move would likely be dead in the water as I can't imagine Grix wanting 4 hookers. The calibre of player we are linked with is a good indication of where we are as a club and you have to think next season will be a real transitional year for the club and could be sink or swim.

Agree that the one i've heard would likely hinge on others clubs with more money to spend.

Agree on the Newcastle player / Kaye situation but was told Kaye wasn't resigning could even be retiring.

Don't think it will be sink or swim but do think we'll be heavily relying on loan/dual reg again as we will have a smaller squad.
Re: Johno and Kaye toleave the club Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:35 pm  

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Don't mention it!!!!
Hear All, See All, Say Nowt.
Eat All, Sup All, Pay Nowt.
And if Tha ever does Owt for Nowt,
Allus do it for Thissen.

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